Invaluable Auction follow-up tool

If you are an “” user, you may find it quite time consuming to follow Auctions evolutions. We have a solution for you: get all the auction informations in seconds by clicking on only one button!

You are a responsible of an auction house and you find it difficult to follow the results of your sale befor it starts?
You are a buyer and you don’t want so spend minutes each time you want to check the actual bid of a lot you like?

Just try our Excel-based tool and you will realize how simple things could be!
You insert the link (URL) of the catalog & you click on one button. In seconds, you will see the list of lots with the latest bids. It doesn’t matter if there are 50 or 900 lots in the sale! It’s completely automatic!

Check out the video below to see how it works. Try the DEMO and you will not want to check your Auction manually anymore!

Tool preview

The following printscreens show the user interface of the tool.

Initial user interface – before the auction data are loaded…

User interface once the information about the sale and about the lots was extracted from the website.


And here is a short video to show you how the tool works in reality…

As you can see, it’s as simple as possible and it’s much faster than visiting the catalog directly on Invaluable webpage.

How the “Auction follow-up tool” works

The use of the tool is as simple as possible. You only have to do the following:

  1. You copy the URL of the auction you want to check – the link must have the following format:
  2. You paste the link to the green cell in the tool (the cell next to “Auction link:”). This will automatically retreive the main information about the sale (title, seller, date & time, place…)
  3. To get the information about the lots, click on the “Get Auction data” button.
  4. And that’s it…

Main advantages of this tool

  • you can use it to follow your own sale but also for any other online auction
  • it is much faster than going through the auction on Invaluable website
  • it captures the “actual” bids so you know exactly what the actual auction results are
  • you can easily (one click only) update the data about an auction that you already checked
  • the structured format (Excel table) permits you to easily work with the data

Some remarks…

  • the auction data can be captured only for auctions whose online session didn’t started yet
  • remark for Invaluable Auctions Admins: When you check the actual state of your auction on the website, you will see, for each lot, the SUM of all bids of that lot – not the value of the last bid. This is illogical and can easily misguide you. Contrary to that, our tool gives you always the AMOUNT OF THE LAST (and thus the actual) BID. You can thus see an exact picture of your auction evaluation. Example: if there is a lot with 3 bids -> $20, $45, $100 <- the Invaluable administration will show you as amount $165. You can interprete it as the actual bid but this is not truth. The actual bid is $100. And that is this correct amount that our tool will show you.
  • you don’t have to always copy/paste the auction URL: you can do it once and then save your file. The next time, you can just update the lot information by clicking on “Get auction data
  • the tool is available in English and French languages
  • actually, the tool works on PC (Windows) – Supported Excel versions: Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 365.
  • DataSmarter & this tool are completely independent from “

“Auction Tool” Pricing

The FULL version of the auction checking tool – with unlimited use – is available for


The purchase can be done via secured payment online platform BMT Micro. You can pay via credit cards, via PayPal and other payment methods.

Just download the DEMO version and see by yourself how much time you can save by using our tool.


Please, before you purchase our tool, read the Terms of Use (EULA).

Do you need some customization of the tool? No problem! Just contact us and let’s discuss about what we can do for you…