October 14, 2017

Our Services

If you need help with your existing tools, if you want to improve and automate your processes, capture data from Internet, or if you want to create new Excel / VBA tools, we are the solution!

Developers with many years of experience in the creation of tools and automation in various sectors (finance, statistics, management, …), we are at your disposal for any type of project with a guarantee of quality.

Our satisfied customers include banks, SMEs, researchers and individuals. Thanks to our flexible and customer-oriented approach, we offer tailor-made solutions that best meet your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us via the form below or via e-mail to discuss your project and what we can do for you.

Consulting in Excel and VBA

  • Analysis of customer needs (IT & business)
  • Assistance in project design
  • Definition of structure and procedures of Excel / VBA tools

Automating tasks and processes

  • Process analysis and evaluation of the possibility of their automation
  • Creating the necessary procedures and tools for maximum efficiency
  • Reduced number of errors (human), improved process speed (up to 95% reduction in process time)

Design and development of tools in Excel and VBA

  • Creation and development of customized tools – calendars, calculators, appointment and reservation tools (doctors, restaurants, …), archiving, file management, automation of everything that can be done.
  • All the features you might need
    • Manage of files
    • Integration with other IT systems
    • Creating Ribbons
    • Management of users (roles, security, permissions)
    • language management (multi-language tools)

Analysis, maintenance and modification of existing Excel / VBA tools

  • Excel Tool Security Analysis (VBA)
  • Search and fix bugs in existing tools
  • Maintenance
  • Improved efficiency and speed of Excel / VBA tools
  • Added new features in existing tools

Website scrapping

If you need to get a huge amount of data from some website or if you need to automate the data caption, we can provide you a simple-to-use application for that.

Business services (B2B) as well as individuals (B2C)